DA LI Development USA, LLC is the American subsidiary of DA LI Development Co. Ltd., a publicly-traded Taiwanese company, focused on large-scale residential high-rise development. Originally founded in 1977, DA LI has evolved into a major force in residential development.

Our first USA office in Seattle established in the fall of 2018 is the result of a comprehensive evaluation of a city that offers the potential for long-term growth. Our core vision is to provide high-quality homes and living experiences. We are committed to building a long-term and fruitful relationship with the US housing communities that we serve.


During the last fifteen years, we have successfully completed over 30 major development projects that range from affordable to luxury high-rises condominium towers. With a home base in Taiwan, we are uniquely poised to understand the needs of a wide range of populations in dense urban environments and has proven ourselves to be an innovator in the creation of holistic housing communities that support great professional, recreational and social opportunities. 

The Taiwanese cities in which DA LI has prospered are populous which requires great care and innovation to create desirable and livable new communities. We are the leader in the creation of sound living environments that provide amenities so that residents could foster a healthy and holistic lifestyle.


Our first project in Seattle, KODA Condominiums, arises from understanding that there is a tremendous local demand for exceptionally livable, new urban homes that are attainable by the area’s middle-class professionals. Our second project is a modern office tower across the street of Space Needle, and our third project is a mixed-use apartment/hotel tower.

As we grow in North America, we continue to innovate in response to the ever-evolving needs of the markets that we serve. Whether creating affordable first-time ownership opportunities or redefining upper-echelon living and working, we seek to establish a reputation for quality and thoughtful design that engages clients for generations to come.

It is our goal to create a lasting enterprise in North America that focuses on building sustainable communities that both meet and exceed the needs of their residents for generations to come. We view architecture as a long-term commitment to developing well-conceived and carefully built living environments that ultimately improve the lives of our owners and residents, while answering the civic need for lasting housing infrastructure at a variety of economic access points.