Our Team

James Hsieh (Chih-Chang Hsieh)
Chairman and President
For over three decades, James Hsieh has become a pioneer in the shaping of Taiwan’s dynamic construction and property development industry, with accolades for establishing best practice benchmarks in the development business. In 2006, James was appointed as Chairman and CEO of DA LI Development in Taiwan.

Internationally, James is respected for the integration of award-winning architectural design, cutting-edge construction technology and the natural environment into his projects. He is well known as an innovator in offering industry-leading solutions to the housing market needs.

With strong vision and strategy, James has reshaped the development industry in the Asian market. In James’ own word, “I hope that our customers’ children born in the future will come to Da Li for their own homes. In the meantime, our houses will allow customers to live for several generations. This is perpetual.” In 2015, James expanded the company into the American market by establishing DA LI Development USA in Seattle.

Prior to DA LI, James was Co-founder of LanYuan Construction and the Chairman of QiYu Construction in Taiwan. He holds a Master’s degree in business administration from the National Sun Yat-Sen University.

Kevin Hsieh
Manager / Vice President of Development
Kevin Hsieh has worked with DA LI Development since 2014 and has played a major role in DA LI Development USA since its inception in 2015 as Vice President of Development.
Kevin brings extensive experience in accounting and finance to his office, with a specific focus on the analysis of global capital market operations and real estate development. Kevin gained great perspective into the North American market while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Prior to assuming his positions at DA LI Development and DA LI Development USA, Kevin was the Executive Director of the Taiwan Yuanda Bank Trading Office.

Steve Chianglin
General Counsel
Steve Chianglin is General Counsel for Da Li Development USA LLC. Steve has over 17 years of international business and legal experience. Steve oversees the company's legal affairs, including corporate governance, litigation and compliance and is responsible for leading the legal and compliance functions of the company in an ever globalized marketplace.
Steve holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Juris Doctor from University of Washington.
Joy Deng
Arita Chung
Finance Manager
Hugo Yang
Construction Manager
Vivian Hsieh
Sales & Marketing Manager
Richard Jee
Development Manager
Wendy Lee
Office Administration
Caroline Ho
Sales & Marketing
Alvin Chang
Interior Design