Take the Huashan Art and Culture Zone, and update the art and culture melody at any time, let art and life meet at any time, and set the artistic charm for the walking map. Roaming the centuries-old Maple Tree on Zhongshan North Road, breathe the elegance of the Fashion Avenue and become your daily walking landscape.

“DALI.DALI” abandons the classical architectural expressions, building the thickness of the building with humanistic atmosphere, simple and elegant building facade, creating a modern fashion atmosphere, echoing the international fashion and artistic humanity axis life. Simultaneously think about the space requirements of the occupants, and confuse the architectural vocabulary with imaginary and imaginary, and immersively reflect the human temperament; it also considers the sunshine and the light, defines the light source with the grille, and creates a pleasant home space for lighting, ventilation, ventilation, and comfort.

  • 7 Floors above ground
  • 1 Floor below ground
  • 22 Residential Units
  • Architect: Li Wensheng Architects
  • Contractor: Baosin Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Completed 2010

Location: No. 16, Ln. 65, Sec. 1, Chang’an E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan