Fujimatsu Village

DA LI is partnering with Tomio Moriguchi, chairman emeritus of the 91-year-old Seattle-based Uwajimaya grocery chain, to develop a 28-story tower consisting of apartment, retail/commercial, and underground parking space at 500 S Jackson Street. This project is named “Fujimatsu Village”, in honor of Fujimatsu Moriguchi, who founded Uwajimaya in 1928.

Fujimatsu Village could include up to 25,000 square feet of retail/commercial space on its lower floors. A 350-unit apartment would run up through the 28th floor. 

Webber Thompson architecture firm is designing Fujimatsu Village. Planning is still at an early stage.

To learn more about this project and track our permitting process, search the project address 500 S Jackson Street in the Settle Design Review Calendar and the Seattle Services Portal.

Project Website: https://fujimatsuvillage.com/

28 Stories Apartment Tower | 25,000 Square Feet Retail Space | 200 Underground Parking
Location: 500 S Jackson Street, Seattle WA 98104